From the idea to a series product     Read More We offer mechanical solutions for your ideas and bring them to series production. Thanks to our many years of experience and the support of marked leading software such as Siemens NX.
bringing the products to life     Read More Electronics and software are considered a vital part in every project and we focus our efforts to allow your product to shine not only in looks and feel but also in function and performance.
we use National Instruments LabVIEW     Read More LabVIEW includes powerful modules and tools for creating measurement and control applications in a much shorter time and is therefore the ideal development environment to be more innovative, more creative and more productive.
National Instruments
endurance and performance     Read More Testing components and analysing proucts can decide between failure and success
        Read More You have an idea and need an experienced partner?
You experience some difficulties in an ongoing project and need aditional support?
We offer our experience and workpower to stand by your side as a partner.
International Presence     Read More Global collaboration are of success critical importance. We offer our engineering services in both locations, paired with a well connected network of suppliers and manufacturers.