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The BKON Craft Brewer uses a proprietary brewing process called RAIN (Reverse Atmospheric Infusion). As an industry first, RAIN changes the rules of extraction by using negative air pressure as a brewing or infusion variable. As never before, beverage artisans are able to effortlessly target and develop the optimal flavor elements within any loose-leaf tea beverage, third wave coffee, or made-to-order infused cocktail. Fully automated control of critical negative-pressure variables, along with time and temperature, allows craft beverages to be produced with unmatched purity, precision, and speed.

BKON is brewing with bubbling tea leaves in it
RAIN Technology

RAIN is a simple, yet powerful invention. Vacuums are used to remove the air trapped in an organic material’s cellular structure to enhance the way in which infusion occurs and how soluble elements are extracted into a beverage. The use of multiple vacuum cycles allows the extraction to occur at the deepest layers of cellular structure. The results are deep and layered flavor profiles that are truly unmatched.

  • User Interface, Interactive Design and Industrial Design Concept
  • Feasibility Study and Generation
  • Hand Concept Sketching and 3D Rendering Pictures
  • Material Selection and Function Identification
  • Feasibility studies and concepts
BKON Setup
Manufacturing & Prototyping
  • Sampling
  • molds and molding
  • Assembly and Test
BKON Rendering
  • Mechanical Engineering Design (3D Design & 2D Design)
  • Product Optimizing
  • Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Design (DFM)
  • Electrical Circuit Engineering Design
  • PCB Design Chip Programming(Firmware)
  • Software Development
  • CAE Calculations
  • Moldflow Studys
  • Project Management
  • Asia Sourcing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • On-Site Supervising
  • Shipment Supervising
  • Quality Control Logistic and Supply Chain