Electronical & Software Engineering

In various projects, the mechanical design is only fulfilling some of the products functionalities. More often, new products have additional features that rely on electrical components. Together with our partner companies in Switzerland and Asia we design electrical boards and fully integrate them in the product engineering process. We can offer the complete set of service: Conceptual design, schematics, layouts, prototyping and series production.

Electronically controlled systems such as coffee machines are in need of software that controls the machine components. Not always are these components simply turned on and off in a given sequence, sometimes they are continuously controlled based on some sensor values. For both cases, source-graphcis is developing software that matches the customer’s wishes in terms of functionality but that also takes into consideration the selected sensors and actuators capabilities. Software engineering is tightly related to the choice of electrical components (reaction time, stability) and mechanical conditions such as sensor placement (delays), insulation (thermal disturbances) and user interface choices. By understanding our projects both from the user perspective as well as from the physical standpoint, we combine ease of use with precision and speed of the equipment.