Europe & Asia

Global Sourcing – Chinas importance grows continuously

Profit, as the saying goes, lies in purchasing. This prooves right since the win margin through cost reduction in purchasing is much bigger than through sales increase. The contribution throuch procurement continuously grows. Big entrepreneurs and SMEs are realising big cost reductions through global sourcing. The people's republic of China plays here an important if not dominant role.

Chances also for the middle class

Especially the SMEs have to concentrate on their core competence and see themselfs as part of a value chain. Low purchase costs are a vital factor for securing the existency of the business in a globalised world. Unfortunately, small and medium enterprises have some disadvantages compared to big companies: Their volumes are too low to afford an international purchasing department. In this situation it seems rational to allign with a competent partner and focuse on China as the globally important sourcing market.

Our network – Your advantage

We hold our experienced purchaser available for the european SMEs to assist and complete your sourcing team or if needed, we can take over your sorcing for you. We offer to search for and to qualify suppliers for importers and wholesaler. We also offer the needed quality assurance in running business processes. Our team comes from different branches that currently are mostly related to the consumer goods industry. They can offer many years of experience and usefull personal and professional networks. However, more and more investment goods "made in china" become interesting for european customer. Since not so long ago we also face the task to search for technologically complex products in China, to qualify and also import them. Our local chinese partner company is of big help in all of the previouse mentioned tasks.

Search and qualification of suppliers

Thorough research is needed before building up a relationship to a new supplier in China. We are using the criterias given to us by our client. After collecting the possible candidates of suppliers they also have to be qualified. A close collaboration and communication between client, supplier and our employees is essential. Please take into consideration that it may take from a few weeks up to some month for the complete process up to the first order.