Mechanical Engineering

Using Siemens Unigraphics NX and Dassault Systèmes Solidworks we can deliver up to date engineering solutions for all your projects. The vast import/export functionality allows us also to work with different file types. It is thus possible to import previously concluded design studies and start engineering the concrete production solution based on those files.

Conceptual design, prototyping, optimization for manufacturing and robustness are only a few of the aspects that play a great role in our workflow. Having precise CAD files for all the parts in every stage of the project allows us to follow different concepts without losing precision. In combination with regular design studies and revisions, often also supported with real scale models, allows early adaptation and correction and thus minimize the costs and the risk of redesigns in a later stage.

We understand that the best way of sharing ideas and solutions is through graphical descriptons. We use our design platform together with additional software to produce all forms of graphical know-how transfer. From photo realistic renderings of the product to 3d PDF for review and discussions down to the production level technical drawing.